Month September 2022

10 Tips for Calming Down A Hyper Special Needs Child

No matter how well you know and love your child, there will be times when he or she is simply too much to handle. Perhaps the constant flapping or jumping has gotten out of control, or the loud shrieking has finally pushed you past your limits. Whatever the situation, it’s important to remember that you aren’t alone—many parents of children with special needs are in the same boat as you are. The key to helping your child calm down might lie in one of these 10 tips for calming down a hyper-autistic child.

Is there discrimination within the spectrum?

When the government or any entities launch something that will benefit the special needs communities, I always applaud the efforts. I strongly believe that good intentions need to be applauded despite many keyboard warriors and nay sayers in today’s world. I would like to think, that I choose to spot that rainbow of hope, no matter how far down the horizon it is.


Desiree Kaur on by Hearts & Minds

Malar Villi hosted Desiree Kaur on Hearts & Minds on its Being Whole Being Me Series. Desiree shared her journey and what led her to create a Website as it is today. She also shared her hopes and aspirations for…