Month November 2022

6 Red Flags When Choosing Schools & Therapists

Finding a therapist, teacher or school for a child with special needs that is a perfect fit, is like striking gold. Suffice to say, parents who have the tough choice to make between affording the best and finding the best affordable option, will resonate with this feeling. Nevertheless, it is quite important to recognise certain red flags when selecting a school or therapist for a child with special needs.

Tips for Homeschool Success

Year 2020 may have been the year of the pandemic. For us, however, it has been the year of homeschool success. We have been homeschooling our ASD child part-time for many years. Since the age of 4.5, Little Star attended a special needs school that only had classes twice a week. It was an ideal set up at the time, enabling us to run an extensive home-based play therapy programme.