Month March 2022

The Autism Crisis Turnaround (ACT) Protocol

The National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) recently organised a talk by Raun K Kaufman, where he shared insights into “Autism Meltdown Turnaround.”  The one and half hour session with international author, speaker and trainer left attendees wanting to learn more about the insightful techniques he shared which is part of the Autism Crisis Turnaround (ACT) Protocol.

Busting the Myths About Down’s Syndrome

When I was asked by Project Haans to write a piece about myths related to Down’s syndrome in conjunction with World Down Syndrome Day celebrations on the 21st of March, lines from the Serenity Prayer popped into my mind. This is because one of the most important lessons I have learned as a parent to a child with Down’s syndrome is to have the “serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Therapy Through Play (TTP) program by WRTS is back!

The Therapy Through Play (TTP) program run by We Rock The Spectrum (WRTS) Express Bangsar in collaboration with the Energy Source is back, for the third successive year! TTP is a program aimed to provide families with autistic children an opportunity to build their skills and confidence so they can conduct therapeutic activities with and for their own child(ren).

The Neurodiversity Summit 2022

The Neurodiversity Summit 2022 ia virtual summit taking place over the 5-week period of Monday the 28th of February until Sunday the 2nd of April 2022. The last day of the summit is Autism Awareness Day. It is organised by the Busy Bee Inc Club Cic, a club that was founded on Clubhouse by like minded neurodiverse individuals and is now a Non Profit Community Interest Company in the UK.