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Symbols, Colours & Themes: World Autism Awareness & Acceptance Day 2024

All these matter as we commemorate international observances. Gone are the days when the puzzle piece represented the autistic community. Granted, back in the day, people with autism were seen as puzzles. We are quite fortunate that we live in a world where we now have autistic self-advocates telling us, they are not puzzles to be solved and how it is a spectrum and no two autistics are alike.

What are Social Stories?

Group of Children and Adult at a table with flash cards
In the realm of supporting individuals with social and communication challenges, Social Stories have emerged as powerful tools for fostering understanding, empathy, and positive behavior. Developed by Carol Gray in the early 1990s, Social Stories are concise narratives designed to help individuals, especially those with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or other developmental differences, navigate social situations with greater ease. This article explores the concept of Social Stories, their purpose, and the impact they can have on social development.

KMA’s SEN Symposium 2023 Highlights Care Economy

Kiwanis Malaysia Academy is thrilled to share its most impactful Special Education Needs (SEN) Symposium, is back for the 3rd year and this time it is LIVE at the Royal Chulan Damansara. Prepare to be INSPIRED by incredible speakers, who are experts in their own field. There will be lots of key takeaways during the sharing sessions by the speakers.

The Harmful Effects of Behaviour Modification

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Behaviour modification, also known as behavior therapy or behaviorism, is a psychological approach that focuses on changing or modifying specific behaviors through various techniques. The aim is usually to reduce behaviour or actions that are deemed inappropriate without fully understanding the underlying need for it. While it can be effective in addressing certain behavioral issues and promoting positive change, there are potential harmful effects associated with behavior modification.