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What is Stimming?

Stimming is short for self-stimulation. Stimming is a repetitive body movement, such as hand flapping. Stimming is commonly found in Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder, but also found in other developmental disabilities. This behavior may involve any or all of the senses in various degrees in different individuals.

How to Talk to Kids About: Their Disabilities

When our child is different, there’s so much more we need to learn about parenting. Our first go-to will be to learn all we can about the diagnosis. We learn everything we can, so we can understand and provide the necessary support, intervention or therapy that they need to thrive. Whether it’s by reading books, attending courses or through community groups, we learn what we can, when we can.

How to Talk to Kids About: Disabilities

Disabilities. This is a very big word to use, even for adults. Today – when language, terms of references and respecting people of all abilities is more important than ever – it is never too early to talk to your kids about disabilities. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word “disabilities” is a countable noun, which means a physical or mental condition wherein you’re unable to use a part of your body completely or easily, or where you cannot learn easily.

What’s New with Project Haans!

It’s been a few months since we posted anything on Spectrum of Voices by Project Haans. However, that does not mean we have not been our advocacy stopped. While silence is golden, it is not an indication of remaining idle. We were still keeping the fire going towards our goals here at Project Haans.