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A space to share & get support on your journey as parents, caregivers, self-advocates & allies of neurodiversity
The term neurodiversity was first used by sociologist, Judy Singer. Neurodiversity refers to variation in the human brain in relation to sociability, learning, attention, mood and other mental functions in a non-pathological sense.
Autism, Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD or dyspraxia), Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, Tourette Syndrome and others are considered types of neurodiversity.

A directory of specialists, practitioners and service providers for special needs in Malaysia. Also includes services provided by / business run by neurodiverse individuals.

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Courses related to neurodiversity created for parents / caregivers and teachers.

Spectrum of Voices

Articles and news related to special and neurodiversity.


Project Haans collaborates with Saiqa Q Huda for a monthly parent support group called Desiree & Saiqa ~ Supporting U.

Our Journey

Find out how Project Haans came about in 2019 and our journey since then.

Training & Talks

We also design trainings and talks to suit the needs of communities that need it. Contact us to find out more.

Spectrum of Voices

A collection of articles by anyone who has been touched by neurodiversity. Insights from a spectrum of voices – self-advocates, caregivers, parents, family members, practitioners, friends, etc. Contributors are welcome.

Courses on Neurodiversity

Project Haans is also in the Open Learning Platform. Our aim is to make information accessible and affordable for all who need it. Content is carefully curated to be understood and applicable to parents / caregiver, teachers and anyone who is interested to know more.

Our Team & Collaborators

We’re parents whose lives are touched by neurodiversity

Desiree Kaur

Team Haans
Mother & Founder


Team Haans
Father & Co-Founder

Samantha Yong

Collaborator for
Training & Coaching

Saiqa Q Huda

Collaborator for
Parent Support


Desiree is a fiercely compassionate thought leader in Autism Advocacy. She is thorough with her research and holds the value of integrity to a platinum standard. She is my go-to for Autism Advocacy and Awareness.

Melissa Indot

Desiree is a staunch advocate of inclusion, not only for individuals on the Spectrum but also for diversity-acceptance as a broader movement and life principle. As she frontiers community-building and grows her research expertise, Desiree demonstrates that we are all primed to co-empower each other; with information, initiative, and an enduring intention to serve.

Patricia Rivera

As a mom of a special need boy, i find solace in Project Haans, which provides me with a space to swap stories, share information, ideas & tips to help manage different parts of life or simply enjoy being with people who have had similar experiences. To Desiree & Haans… thank you.

Aishah Sam

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